1991 - The Interpromet Ltd. Company is founded.

1997 - Interpromet expands its business activities and concentrates on the wholesale of pharmaceutical products. The company shortly begins to present exceptional business results in the wholesales business operation and an expansion of trade and profit.

2002 - The Banja Luka branch is founded, which includes the Procurement Division.

2003 - The year which marks the purchase of business space in Novi Grad, housing the company’s management, the administration and the sales department. The new space also includes an 800 m2 warehouse which soon becomes the company’s state-of-the-art logistical center.

2005 - The business activities of Interpromet are increasingly directed towards the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the aim of achieving equally successful results as those in Republika Srpska.

2008 - The company marks 10 very successful years in the distribution of pharmaceutical products. During the mentioned period, an annual growth of as much as 25% is achieved, with a tendency of growth and a continuance of successful business activities and further development.
Special attention is given to the successful cooperation with a great number of health institutions, as well as the Health Insurance Fund of the RS, thus supplying the most relevant health institutions in the Republic of Serbia.

2009 - Interpromet Ltd., in spite of very negative effects of the recession, manages to realize the set business plan, to achieve a growth of 13.5% and position itself among the three leading wholesalers in B-H.

2010 - Establish a business unit Sarajevo.

2011 - We set the corporate station at www.interpromet.biz , and also ends with the development of applications for electronic ordering and rolling out program in practice, expanding our storage capacity to 1,800 m2 and we perform successfully recertification of quality system ISO 9001:2008.

2013 - We introduce CRM program and we established services for information technology.

2014 - Successfully conducted the second recertification of quality system ISO 9001:2008.