Medical equipment and consumables

Interpromet Ltd. also offers medical devices and the equipment of leading manufacturers such as Boston Scientific Corporation, Medtronic, Saniteks and others.

In order for our services in this section to be as first-rate as possible, we try to keep up with innovations in our chosen areas, through on-going training of our employees and constant communication with the manufacturers.

The companies which we cooperate with successfully and whose brand products we place on the Bosnian market are the following: Abena, Artsana, Boston Scientific, Cederroth, Ceumed, Dunav PlasInnotech Laboratories, Medtronic, Nipro Diagnostics, NivaPharmanova, Ricerfarma, Romed, Saniteks, Serrix, Temler Pharma, Unimed Pharma etc.

For more information on the products, the conditions of distribution and any drives, please contact our Sales Division.