Vision and mission statement

The vision of Interpomet Ltd. is:

     • to become the leading, most reliable and valued supplier of pharmaceutical products on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our mission ensues from our commitment to be of service:

     • to health professions in diagnosing, caring for and nursing patients, and making available the right medicaments at the right place and the right time.
     • to our clients in maintaining and promoting their health, as well as appearance, by choosing personal healthcare and hygiene products.
     • to meet the needs of our clients, and indirectly those of the end users - the patients, in an efficient and effective way which will enable growth and development, that is, the protection and promotion of healthcare and the health culture of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
     • to attain close business relations with all our partners, and especially the manufacturers we represent.
     • to maintain constant learning and promoting of business processes, and to develop partnerships with clients and suppliers, as well as social awareness.

We will succeed in this by continuously expanding the quantity of our services and developing together with our partners, as well as adhering to the principles of good distribution practices and a wide-ranging social necessity.